Wie es zur Zeit in Australien auf dem Wohnungsmarkt zugeht

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Wie es zur Zeit in Australien auf dem Wohnungsmarkt zugeht

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So Aug 31, 2008 1:21 pm

hallo zusammen, wir wohnen seit fast 4 Jahren in Perth und haben letzte Woche eine Wohnung gesucht. Da hier der Wohnungsmarkt sehr angespannt ist (Perth) hat sich folgendes zugetragen - ueber diese Handlungsweise kann sich jeder selbst ein Urteil bilden.
Die Emails muessen von unten nach oben gelesen werden.


Thanks for your comments I will take them on board.





As I can say again: If xxx had advertised this rental for a higher
amount to begin with we probably would have applied as well.
But this is not about the rental at all, it is about codes & practices
xxx seems to be familiar with.
In terms of "the act states we must work in our principles best
interest at all times" does not imply to work with any kind of method.
So yyy's statement " this is usually not our practice" doesnt really
have any ground to stand on...
In terms of "giving us an equal opportunity" : xxx/ yyy did
not give us an equal opportunity at all - By giving every tenant an
equal opportunity, applications containing "handling fees", "higher
rents" etc. should not be accepted.

I have noticed another property advertised by xxx (adresse)
with an interestingly low rent. I wonder if this will be auctioned as
well - It wouldnt surprise me at all.


> > Hi thankyou for your email we had many applications on the property
concerned when processing rental applications we refer all applications to
the owner, the act states we must work in our principles best interest at
all times, had yyy not asked you to increase your rental amount the
property would have been leased to the applicant with the higher rental
amount as instructed by the owner, yyy was only trying to give you an
equal opportunity to sucure the property, I am sorry you feel this way about
xxx best of luck finding a property regards andrew johns. xxx
fremantle nummer
> > Subject: COMPLAINT
> >
> >
> > Hello Mr xxx!
> >
> > We have put in an application incl. option fee on Friday (22.8) for a
> > rental property and got a call on Monday (25.8) from yyy
> > stating the following:
> >
> > “We have received a lot of applications for this rental property and
> > some of the applicants added a note saying they would be willing to pay
> > a higher rent as advertised. This is normally not our practice, but
> > would you be willing to do the same?
> >
> > My answer to this was: No. The place has been advertised for a certain
> > amount and if you wanted to get a higher rent out of this, you should
> > have advertised so.
> >
> > I did not expect xxx to work with these kind of methods.
> >
> > yyy’s answer: Yes I know, but would you be willing to pay more?
> > My answer: No, we are paying more at the moment, it is not a question of
> > finance.
> > yyy: Oh , you are paying more at the moment? So would you be willing
> > to pay more?
> >
> > The conversation ended and it was clear that our application was being
> > rejected.
> > Basically, I was asked three times to agree to a higher price than
> > advertised and this comes down to bribery.
> >
> > When I picked up my deposit on Wednesday, fortunately it was yyy
> > again who was at the reception.
> > I addressed yyy directly about this code of practice, saying:
> > Are you yyy? Didn’t you ring me and ask if I was willing to pay more
> > for this rental property?
> >
> > yyy’s reluctant answer: Yes , usually this is not how we work, but..
> >
> > My answer: Well. This isn’t an Arabic bazaar, is it? (I assumed that
> > yyy didn’t know what I was talking about)
> >
> > yyy’s answer: It is up to the owner, all we do is forward the
> > applications.
> >
> > My answer: Exactly, you put the applications forward.
> > Do you know what that is? This is bribery (a sly smile on yyy‘s face)
> > .This is illegal.
> >
> > yyy shrugged her shoulders, apparently xxx’s image isn’t of that
> > much of importance to her.
> >
> > My answer: yyy, I will put in a complaint against this.
> >
> > yyy’s answer: Sure, you can do this.
> > .
> > My answer: No worries, I will make sure this goes public.
> >
> > yyy’s answer: Go ahead.
> >
> > And so she walked of.
> >
> > Mr xxx!
> >
> > Three facts you should keep in mind:
> >
> > 1. You have wasted my time, money and effort because during these days
> > I could have applied for different rentals. It is absolutely disgusting
> > how xxx is taking advantage of the current rental market.
> >
> > 2. The question is, whether the rental has been advertised for a low
> > price to start with and waiting to see how much applicants are willing
> > to pay more- this is called “baiting” , isn’t it
> >
> > 3. Whether or not you are aware of this:
> > In the near future we will be possible homebuyers and so will be our
> > friends and family and work colleagues, and you can be 100% sure that we
> > will not buy over xxx.
> >
> >
> > To cut a long story short:
> >
> > I have lodged a complaint against xxx with the department of
> > consumer protection, and as well as that sent a copy of this email to
> > various newspapers and several other institutions.
> >
> >
> > Thank you, Mr. xxx!

Post und Mails unterliegen der Vertraulichkeit und sind ohne Genehmigung nicht zu veröffentlichen, deshalb sind die Namen unkenntlich gemacht.

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Di Sep 02, 2008 7:33 am

Rental Auction?

Auch wenn diese illegal sind wird es diese immer geben. Office of Fair Trading (Qld) liest Beschwerden gern wird aber nichts wirklich unternehmen außer vielleicht ein Blabla Antwortschreiben.

Such dir einen anderen, es wird noch ein paar geben die sich an das Gesetz halten. Und wenn die auch ein Angebot wollen - biete $5(die Woche) mehr..das reicht meist (Qld) to flip the switch! :wink:

Deutsches Prinzipiengehabe bringt dir nichts außer das ALLE über dich herzlich lachen - this is Australia ya no?

games oughta be played the australian way... :roll:

Psst: Perth ist klein, treib es bunt und du wirst sehr schnell überall absagen erhalten - die Property Manager kennen sich alle untereinander (treffen sich gewöhnlich 1x im Monat) und DU wirst schnell Stadtgespräch.

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