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Global Freelance Marketplace connecting Engineers & Business

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Mi Sep 26, 2018 10:51 am marketplace now has a market presence in 175 countries worldwide with over 40,000 active Engineers. Below is our heat map which shows how we have covered most part of the world with this great idea called as We have made it free and easy for businesses to get their work done seamlessly in 175 countries. In just a few steps you can get your work done on Signup as a business and start posting your work orders.

Field engineers require a multitude of skills to be successful in their responsibilities. Common skills that are found in a Field Engineer’s job description include the knowledge of scientific and mathematical theories for problem-solving purposes. Field Engineers need to have diagnostic skills, to determine the problem with often little to no context. These engineers require an understanding of the technical aspects of the machinery and technology in order to reach the root of the matter and think of a solution accordingly. A field engineer must possess critical thinking skills since some decisions will have to be made on the spot. In general, a Field Engineer needs to have the skills of an engineer and a technician. However, every job has their own personal description and job responsibilities, so discover additional Field Engineer job descriptions on our job board by signing up free of charge today.

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Re: Global Freelance Marketplace connecting Engineers & Business

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Mo Mai 27, 2019 7:22 pm

Dazu sollte allerdings auch die Visa Situation stimmen.
In den USA kann man nicht so einfach hindüsen und als Techniker anfangen.
Das geht dort ganz geregelt zu.

Da du scheinbar nicht genau weißt wie das geht hier eine Anleitung was eine Greencard ist.
Da gilt für jeden der gern in die USA möchte. Sich gut zu informieren ist unheimlich wichtig.

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